Mail Items

A MailItem represents a physical piece of mail received at one of your Locations.

  id: string;
  from: string;
  businessRecipient: string;
  individualRecipient: string;
  clearAt: string;
  imageUrl: string;
  location: Location;
  depositDetails: {
    trackingNumber: string;
    status: 'processing' | 'completed';
  forwardDetails: {
    trackingNumber: string;
    cost: number;
    status: 'processing' | 'completed';
  scanDetails: {
    imageUrl: string;
    status: 'processing' | 'completed';
    ocrResultUrls?: string[];
  shredDetails: {
    status: 'processing' | 'completed';
  checks: {
    id: string;
    amount: number;
    currency: string;
    payer?: string;
    payee?: string;
    checkNumber?: string;


id string
Unique identifier for the object

from string
Who this piece of mail is from.

businessRecipient string
The business recipient this piece of mail is addressed to.

individualRecipient string
The individual recipient this piece of mail is addressed to.

clearAt string
When the piece of mail will be physically removed from storage.

imageUrl string
A temporary URL that renders an image of the mail item envelope.

location Location
The location where this piece of mail was received.

Additional information about the deposit of a check in this piece of mail.

Additional information about the forwarding of this piece of mail.

Additional information about the internal document scan of this piece of mail.

Additional information about the shredding of this piece of mail.

Additional information about checks contained in this piece of mail.